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Watch: John Travolta Quizzed on His Knowledge of LIMP BIZKIT

Travolta knows his stuff.

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Fred Durst is releasing a new movie called The Fanatic later this year, starring John Travolta. Durst directed the film and wrote the script, based on an interaction with an overzealous fan in his personal life. Travolta plays the role of a creepy fan.

To promote the movie, Travola sat down with Consquence of Sound. They put Travolta's Limp Bizkit knowledge to the test in this hilarious, all-too-short clip.

The Fanatic gets a limited theatrical release on September 6th before surfacing on video on demand platforms. Watch the trailer here.

Travolta was tracked down shortly after filming and called working with Durst maybe his favorite experience he'd ever had.

Speaking to TMZ cameras he said "Maybe my favorite experience I've had. He's so generous, and such an artist and he allowed me to create a character that no one else would allow, I mean, it's really a wild character and I felt very free to do that."

When the TMZ cameraman asked if Durst gave Travolta a lot of leeway, Travolta clarifed "A lot of leeway. I had great ideas and he had already edited this film in his imagination, so he knows how he's going to put it together, so he knew how to let me free within a boundary."

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