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She's a bad guy (who likes hard rock and goth metal)

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It's the most metal month of the year! While I don't have exact stats to back this up, anecdotely I feel like streams of Type-O Negative, Cradle of Filth and Rob Zombie have to disproportionately go up during the Halloween holiday season. It's like the metal version of playing Christmas songs in December. Perhaps, Billie Eilish has been in a metal mood lately herself.

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The unconventional pop star recently released a beanie with her name embossed in a death metal style logo, and has in the past gotten shout outs from rock and metal luminaries. So, I guess she decided to offer some love back. Rob Zombie shared this photo on Instagram of Eilish wearing a sewn together collage t-shirt featuring imagery from Zombie, Type-O Negative, Cradle of Filth.

Zombie's caption seems to indicate this wasn't the first time, saying "@billieeilish rocking another custom Zombie shirt. Rock on!"

The official Type-O Negative page took notice of the support and wrote "Billie Eilish is certainly a unique and bad ass superstar who absolutely walks her own path. How awesome is it to see the Type O support!!"

We've always been supportive of this sort of reciprocation from pop stars. It seems more genuine coming from Eilish, but even if it's just some stylist giving her clothes (which I seriously doubt), it still exposes her huge fan base to rock acts. Which is how rock fans are formed! And we're cool with that.

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