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Celebrity Metalheads

KESHA Spotted Sporting VOIVOD T-Shirt

We've always thought when it comes to pop stars, Kesha is way more metal than her peers, and here she proves it, rocking a vintage Voivod t-shirt.

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The pop-star posted the below quick video, sporting the vintage tee from the Canadian metal legends. Based on the quick look below, it looks like she is wearing the classic "Korgul" design that is still on sale, direct from the band.

Of course, some elitists will be quick to demand the pop star name at least three songs from the tech metal masters, but even if her wearing this shirt gets one person to check out the band and get into them, or perhaps, gasp, even buy their own merch, supporting these artists, then isn't that pretty good?

It in now way will diminish your love for the band. We love finding new Celebrity Metalheads.

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