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Celebrity Metalheads

Actor Jason Momoa Got Bass Lessons From PRIMUS Bassist Les Claypool

He did not change his name to mud.

Actor and noted metal fan Jason Momoa recently got a Fender P-bass for his birthday. Which he immediately used to cover Red Hot Chili Peppers' version of "Higher Ground". Now Momoa is getting bass lessons from the man many bassists wish they could get lessons from – Les Claypool of Primus.

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Claypool wrote on social media "[Momoa] came out to visit and we had ourselves a grand ol’ time." It sure looks like it.

Check out the lessons below, as well as a brief jam between Momoa and Claypool (on drums).

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@prideofgypsies came out to visit and we had ourselves a grand ol’ time. @claypoolcellars

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