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Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

MSRcast Episode 69: Greatest Licks

April 20, 2008

Dream Theater – Ytse Jam
Helstar – Perserverance and Desperation
Varga – Goodbye Boogaloo
Metallica – Orion
Ayreon – Carpe Diem
Black Sabbath – Rat Salad
Iron Maiden – Losfer Words
Death – Cosmic Sea
Heathen – Guitarmony
Wrathchild America – Prego
Yngwie Malmsteen – Krakatau
Testament – Confusion Fusion
Nevermore – 42147
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Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

MSRcast Episode 68: Arrrr Matey

April 4, 2008

Hate Eternal – Bringer Of Storms
Realm – Fragile Earth
Hacovitz – From Sin To Honor
Ludichrist – The Tip Of My Mind
Ayreon – River Of Time
Jon Oliva's Pain – Global Warming
ALestorm – Captain's Morgan Revenge
Realm – Eleanor Rigby
Metal Church – Ton of Bricks
Necrophobic – Age Of Chaos
Drawn And Quartered – Bloodbath Of Renewal
Candlemass – Edgar Gray
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Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

MSRcast Episode 67: Black Metal History Month

March 14, 2008

Blaspherian – Allegiance To The WIll Of Damnation
Brainstorm – Falling Spiral Down
Nachtmystium – A Seed For Suffering
Kingdom Of Sorrow – Piece It All Back Together
Pestilence – Mind Reflections
Avantasia – Shelter From The Rain
Cobalt – When Serpents Return
Vader – Lead Us!
Kosmos – Grand Grizou
Isole –  From Clouded Sky
Hail Of Bullets – General Winter
Zimmer's Hole – While […]

Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

MSRcast Episode 66: Mind For Metal

February 28, 2008

Freddy Kreuger's Underwear – Metal Moshing Mad
Brazen Abbot – Eyes On The Horizon
Cradle Of Filth – Devil TO The Metal
Death Angel – Soulless
Forbidden – Disillusions
Black Bonzo – Ageless Door
Agua De Anique – Beautiful One
Anathema – Looking Inside In
Trouble – Misery
Devian – Suffer The Fools
Gorguts – Condemned To Obscurity
Sadus – Through The Eyes Of Greed
Pharoah – […]

Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

MSRcast Episode 65: 2007 Rewind Part 2

February 8, 2008

Marduk – The Leveling Dust
Obituary – Drop Dead
Darkthrone – Splitkein Fever
Godless Rising – Heathens Rage
Vital Remains – Scorned
the Codex – Dream Makers
Dug Pinnick – Perfect World
Black Sabbath – Shadow Of The Wind
Watain – Legions Of The Black Light
Mithras – Thrown Upon The Waves
Welcome to the second part of our 2007 rewind, this time featuring Papa […]

Metal Injection Radio Podcasts

TMO Music Podcast (Jan 27) - Part II

January 27, 2008

And it continues with the second part of our Heavy New Year, Part II of our first Podcast of the year and this one is bigger than ever, PRIMORDIAL, SEAR BLISS, ENDSTILLE, AYREON, GATES OF WINTER, EXIT STRATEGY and much, much more!
1 – Lich King – Necromantic Maelstrom – Thrashssacre – USA – Thrash Metal
2 […]