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PIG DESTROYER Announces Army of Hops Beer

Why would God create something so weak?

Why would God create something so weak?

Pig Destroyer's lyrics and song titles are generally pretty serious, though they've clearly got at least some sense of humor. Pig Destroyer is releasing a new beer in collaboration with Three Floyds titled Army Of Hops, a play on their song "Army Of Cops" from their new album Head Cage. This is the band's second beer with Three Floyds, as they've previously released the Permanent Funeral IPA.

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Three Floyds tells Decibel that the beer is a milk IPA and noticeably not 10.5% ABV like Permanent Funeral IPA was. Here's what guitarist Scott Hull had to say.

‘“After a few years of IPA domination with Permanent Funeral, Three Floyds is pairing up with Pig Destroyer again with a new brew. Round two; this time it’s personal. Army of Hops is perfectly paired with thrashing out with your pals, upturning sofas, punching holes in drywall, creating unidentified stains in the carpet and setting your furniture on fire in the backyard. Just in time for the holiday season too. Perfect gift for your entire family.

“Pig Destroyer and FFF are stoked to announce that the first pouring of this beer will be at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in LA, which will all but seal the fact that the entire weekend will become a blurry memory had by all. Start getting your livers in shape, folks. Bring your Advil. Start writing your apology letters. Get ready to get overrun by the Army of Hops.”

Pig Destroyer will be playing Decibel's Metal & Beer Festival this December.

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