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MASTODON Has Yet Another Beer Now, And It Looks Really Damn Good

Posted by on June 25, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Mastodon are no strangers to the micro/nano-brew world. A few years ago, a special Lager was created in honor of their performance at the Sonisphere festival. And two years ago, they launched "Black Tongue", a double black IPA. Now, they are adding a lighter, sweeter flavor to the Mastodon collection. According to drummer Brann Dailor's Instagram account, the new brew called "Motherpuncher" is a Farmhouse IPA brewed with passion fruit!

Mikkeller is the brewery behind this particular beverage, though a quick scope of their website doesn't give any information. It's actually not even listed there, which makes me think this is a tease and a bigger reveal might be coming soon? We'll see!

For reference-

Update: Looks like there's a release party happening in Coppenhagan next week.

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