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IRON MAIDEN Frontman Bruce Dickinson To Release Another Beer This Year

Does Bruce Dickinson ever sleep?

Does Bruce Dickinson ever sleep?

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson probably hasn't slept a wink in the past few years, or so I'm convinced. Just a quick sampling from last year, the band put out a new record, Dickinson beat cancer, participated in some music therapy for kids and flew around quite a bit, of which one excursion forced him to make an emergency landing.

Of course, then there's the Iron Maiden signature beer, The Trooper, which has gotten quite the following around the globe. So why stop there? Dickinson has told the International Business Times that he'll be putting out a new, limited edition beer toward the end of 2016 that's "somewhere between a stout and a porter." In fact, there is talk of putting out occasional seasonal brews:

Dave Shack, managing director of Phantom Music Management, which takes care of Iron Maiden, said the plan was to launch one new seasonal or limited-edition ale every year with the intention to identifying a second permanent beer, which can be placed alongside its established Trooper brand.

"This isn't a cash grab. This isn't about making millions of pounds from beer. This is about making a quality product that corroborates the band's position as a great British export and a very proud British institution," Shack added.

The beer will be brewed by Robinsons and IBM reports that Dickinson has completed the first rounds of tastings for the beer. So here's to a wasted fall of 2016, right?

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