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GWAR Makes Rye Whiskey Now

Drunkdogs of the Universe.


Gwar recently reissued their 1990 album Scumdogs of the Universe and now they're turning their eye toward getting you all types of jacked up. Gwar has teamed up with Catoctin Creek for their new Ragnarök Rye, which is a rye whiskey clocking in at 92 proof and 46% ABV.

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“Ahh, such a powerful spirit. A delicious sacrament to drink in preparation for battle, and it’ll get you really, really crazy,” said The Berserker Blothar.

“We were quite surprised when Gwar showed up at our distillery,” said the exasperated founder and general manager, Scott Harris. “Purcellville is a quiet town, so to have these intergalactic visitors was—honestly—a little stressful. We had to constantly keep an eye on them to keep them from breaking stuff, and they even tried to eat our dog, Otto. The only way we could get them to leave was to agree to bottle their whisky for them.”

Grab the Scumdogs of the Universe reissue here and learn more about Ragnarök Rye here.

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