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CHEVELLE Have Their Own Beer Now Called La Gargola

Posted by on July 24, 2019 at 2:07 pm

It seems easier to list the bands who don't have a beer at this point, and if we're doing that, then Chevelle doesn't make the cut. The band has teamed up with Revolution Brewing for a new beer called La Gargola, which is a classic German-style Helles Lager. Chevelle will celebrate the new beer on August 1, the night before the band's set at Lollapalooza, at Revolution Brewpub in Chicago with a small party for fans.

Here's what frontman Pete Loeffler had to say.

"We are incredibly excited to announce our collaboration beer with Revolution Brewing. We chose a Helles-style Lager because we wanted a beer that was easy-drinking and did not sacrifice taste or quality. Being from the Chicago area, we've been fans of their beers for as long as we can remember. Having the opportunity to work on our own special edition with one of our favorite breweries is a special moment for us."

Revolution Brewing Brewpub Brewer John "Jumpy" Palos also discusses his thoughts on the beer.

"One thing that stuck out to me in talking with Pete and the guys was the comparison between making beer and making music. Finding out what works and what doesn't is almost equally important, just like writing music," Palos said. "It really struck us that a classic beer, influenced by the Reinheitsgebot [the 1516 Bavarian beer purity law] was the perfect fit. This style forces you to dig deeper to find the soul or character of the beer instead of just throwing a bunch of crazy ingredients at it. You build that complexity subtlety, and creatively, with the tools at your disposal – just like the work that goes into a good song."

Learn more and RSVP here, and catch the band on tour with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace at one of these tour dates.

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