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What's More Dated About The New GODSMACK Single – The Artwork or The Sound?

Has anybody been watching the Matrix recently?

Has anybody been watching the Matrix recently?

No, you did not get into a time machine and blast back to 1999. That, up there, is the official artwork for the new Godsmack single, "Generation Day."

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I just imagine Sully Erna talking to the intern at his record label and being like: "Dude, have you seen this movie… The Matrix? It's insane! It has kung fu, robots, the future and man I love when that one character goes into the matrix and all those green zeros and ones pop up… man that's how I see the art for my new single." I then imagine said intern did a quick Google search on how to recreate the Matrix design and viola… this terrible artwork.

Oh, and the song? Here's the song:

I will say, as far as Godsmack goes, this is not a bad song, with minimal Beavis-sounding vocals. I am not shitting on the song (okay, maybe I did a little in the title of the post) but whomever did the artwork, in 2014, should be fired.

Godsmack's new album, 1000hp is out August 5th

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