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Watch ANTHRAX Drummer Charlie Benante Working On Parts For The New Record!

Anthrax's 2011 record Worship Music took me by surprise in the best way possible. I wasn't really sure if I should get my hopes up for the record and then it turned out to be amazing! Now the band are working pretty hard on a record for 2014, which I think I can get my hopes up for a least a little bit.

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Back in September the band said they had begun working on a new record and it seems as though they're taking it pretty seriously! Don't let the prospect of watching over 5-minutes of drum fills turn you away- there's some seriously goof stuff in there including some fairly gnarly blastbeats, since Anthrax are down with that particular brand of heavy as of late. Just as a general speculation on the 2014 record, it'll be interesting to hear what former Shadows Fall guitarist Jonathan Donais brings to the table in place of Rob Caggiano. They're both amazing players, but stylistically (just fro what they've laid down in the past with their respective bands and former bands) they seem to be very different writers. Could this mean Anthrax are going to bring the super heaviness in 2014? One can only hope.

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