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TYR Release Third Single from Valkyrja, "Another Fallen Brother"

Faroese folk metal masters, Tyr, release a third single off of their impending seventh studio album, Valkyrja. This album is shaping up to be an exciting release, as "Another Fallen Brother" joins album opener, "Blood of Heroes," and the racy "Mare of My Night" in offering a view of the album to come. All three sound new and exciting, and each will make a great addition to Tyr's collection.

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Metal Hammer Germany revealed an exciting third track from Valkyrja, the soon-to-be-released seventh album from Tyr. "Another Fallen Brother" is a fantastic song, combining the slower Tyr that we grew up with and the faster, catchy Tyr that we have all grown to love from their more recent releases. Combine this blend of sound with lyrics as epic and viking inspired as any of the band's, and "Another Fallen Brother" is indeed a great song. Heri sings  of the protagonist, a nameless vikings, the hero of the this concept album, charging fearlessly into battle, hoping to earn his place in Valhalla, to become another fallen brother let dine amongst  the gods.

Valkyrja is indeed a concept album and if anyone knows how to create a great concept album it is Tyr, who have given us the epic of Ragnarok and the glorious tale of By the Light of the Northern Star. Metal Blade Records explains the concept of this album as the story of a nameless viking, mentioned above, who leaves his woman behind to make a place for himself in Valhalla. Heri Joensen, lead vocalist and guitarist, explained in an interview with me that this album is about women and all of the interesting things that come with them. From these three songs, this is already apparent and Valkyrja is certainly shaping up to be a great album.

Valkyrja is released on September 13 in Europe, the 16 in the UK, and lands in North America on September 17. Don't forget to check out the other two singles off of Valkyrja.

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