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Transgender Former LIFE OF AGONY Vocalist Mina Caputo Releases Revealing New Video (NSFW)

I give a lot of credit to Mina Caputo, formerly Keith Caputo of Life Of Agony fame for coming out as transgendered a few years ago. It is a brave move, especially in the overly-macho world of heavy metal. Now, Mina has released a new single, with plans for a full length album, and the new video will make the most religious of Christians very uncomfortable. Here is her new video, "Identity"

Note: this video is a bit NSFW.

The video is shocking to me in that I could have sworn that Mina had a girlfriend (which would identify her as a lesbian female) and that she was not a "straight female," but then again, maybe I'm just being super close-minded and just assigning too many labels to things as opposed to sitting back and getting the message of the video which is "what is an identity really?" Mina croons:

"Look at me/All of me . . . I am not a man/I am not a woman"

It's a very powerful music video that really makes you question gender identity. It's crazy to see this video and think that it's the same person that melted my face with LOA in the '90s:

Mina needs help putting out her full-length and is asking fans to help with pre-orders of her album via an Indiegogo campaign, so if you like what you hear, support Mina!

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