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TOXIC HOLOCAUST Post Teaser Of Chemistry Of Consciousness

Posted by on August 30, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Toxic Holocaust have always been good for solid albums, but Chemistry of Conciousness is just something else… damn.

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Wow… between the music and Kurt Ballou's production, this is going to be a banger (because hip-hop terms are welcome in metal). The song you're hearing on the trailer is "Chemistry Of Consciousness," so at the very least we know one song on the record is going to be heavy as balls. Plus, look at those vinyl… everything about the packaging just screams "trippin' out," and it couldn't have worked better when it came for them to couple it with vinyl productions and stuff like that. I'm voting for a badass red t-shirt to be made of this cover! Anyway, Toxic Holocaust are aiming to drop Chemistry of Consciousness upon us all come October 29 via Relapse Records. Get on some pre-orders!

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