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This Clip of Metalheads Teaching A Young Girl How To Mosh Is So Heartwarming

girls first moshpit

The world sucks right now, and while there are far bigger issues, one thing all of us metalheads can agree on, is we really miss going to shows. The camaraderie is something that's hard to explain to the outside world who stereotypes us as barbarians and whatnot.  A new viral clips shows just how awesome shows can be.

A video has surfaced over at Loudwire from last year's Rock USA fest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, of a Killswitch Engage pit, and it looked very clear that the young girl in the pit was either never in a pit before, or just a bit apprehensive. It's understandable, she looked about half the sizes of all the metalheads in there. But a few elder-states moshers saw her confusion and her willingness, and they started giving her tips and encouragement on how to throw down.

It was a quick moment, but the elation in her eyes as she moshes is something we've all felt in one of our early experiences at shows. It's a show I'm sure she won't forget.

Am I tearing up? Maybe. God, I miss shows. What's the first band you want to see when shows start up again?

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