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There's A Breakdown-Based SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Band Now And It Rules So Much

No, this is Patrick.

No, this is Patrick.

Sometimes a parody comes along so genius you can't figure out how the hell nobody's ever thought of it before. Enter the world of xSPONGEXCOREx, the Spongebob-sampled breakdown music that you're not going to be able to turn off no matter how much you hate yourself while you listen. Let's take a look at their newest song, "Right Where I Want You."

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Everything about this is amazing. It's mindlessly heavy and the band made the samples from the show fit the music, including tempo speed-ups and effects on the chocolate guy's voice. As someone who watched the show as a kid, and I'll even admit to watching it if it's on now, this is everything the metal head and cartoon-watching jackass inside of me wanted. If you click the link with the song too, you'll be taken to their Bandcamp where there's a free album of music as well… or you can just stream it right here.

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