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The New LIMP BIZKIT Song Is As Terrible As You Thought It'd Be

Despite Fred Durst's claims of Limp Bizkit being Cash Money metal, there is nothing metal about their new track "Ready To Go," but it's still fun to listen and laugh.

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The song starts with an immediate "LOL" with Fred Durst powerfully proclaiming "go fuck yourself," which is so edgy.

The sad thing about this song is that it uses the EXACT SAME FORMULA as every Limp Bizkit song in the 90s. There's references to pop culture starlets like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (who Durst claims he had dropping to her knees, guh) and then talking about selling 40 million records. How many of those millions were in the last 10 years? Barely one, Fred. Barely, one.

Then there is a verse by Lil Wayne, which has been a Limp formula since the beginning as they previously nabbed appearances from Eminmen and Method Man. I am still in awe as to how Durst gets respected rappers to spit rhymes on his crap.

Ok, so I guess the one positive is the riff is semi-memorable. But, wow the lyrics…

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Does anybody actually like this?

[via MetalInsider]

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