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The New LEVIATHAN Track Is Scary As Hell

Posted by on February 26, 2015 at 2:38 pm

We've posted about the new Leviathan record Scar Sighted, which you will be buying on Mar. 3, twice now. Each time we've delved deep into the atmospheres of the song and picked apart all the interesting bits that are going on within the chaos. That being said, I'm actually terrified to dive into the murky fog of "Gardens of Coprolite."

The song starts off sounding like it's breathing from another, separate horror-inducing song, and once it catches its breath you'll be off to the skeletal races. Holy hell does this song go from zero to frightening in all of an instance. I love that the introductory ambient bits don't try to mask what's coming next in the song- Jef Whitehead wants you to know that things are about to get crazy heavy.

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