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Grindcore Tribute to Hodor of Game of Thrones is Hodor!

Song of the year, without a doubt.

Song of the year, without a doubt.

So I'm sitting at my desk listening to music and browsing Facebook when The Absence drummer Jeramie Kling hits me up. He says he wrote a Game of Thrones grindcore song and that I needed to hear it. I asked him why he'd do that and he told me.

"So I was out shark fishing off the western coast of Florida. When all of a sudden my boat was capsized by a huge decrepit black pirate ship. Captain Pat Henry (swashbuckle) told me I needed to write the ballad of Hodor or he would run me through right then and there. Naturally I obliged."

I haven't heard from him since. Guys, do you think Pat Henry got him? Kling also said he played all the instruments and did all the vocals himself on the song… do you think he just evaporated after all that playing? Is this song cursed? I'm worried. Here's the last piece of music he ever made, and it's a fine legacy.

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