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Tech-Death Tuesday: ENIGMA Unleash A Torrent Of Electrifying Shred Fury On Stars Misaligned

In today's Tech-Death Tuesday, California native Enigma offer up a tantalizing early stream of their forthcoming debut EP, Stars Misaligned.


Hey there tech-fiends! The early stream train continues yet again this week, focusing today on  San Jose, California natives Enigma and their soon-to-be-released EP, Stars Misaligned. Before we dive into that, here's a reminder as always that you can peruse all prior editions of Tech-Death Tuesday here, if you're looking for more bands you might enjoy!

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While I do spend countless hours of my spare time each week finding cool bands to cover for this series, I'll admit to having a core group of friends who seem to know my tastes well and always have bands for me to check out. If it wasn't for Metal Sucks and Invisible Oranges scribe Mark Ehmahre, I would not have known about today's focus, California natives Enigma. So now that giving credit where it's due is done, it's time to delve into what Stars Misaligned has to offer.

For a band that started only two years ago back in 2014, the music on Stars Misaligned speaks of a group with a sophisticated and sublimely progressive bend to their technical death metal wizardy. Although a few less inspired and more generic parts on a few songs speak to a room for growth, a band already at this high level so early is hopefully an omen of even better things to come in the future. Enigma- Stars Misaligned is a damn impressive initial statement from a new group that you'll want to delve into. Enigma-Stars Misaligned comes out this Friday, July 22nd, and can be pre-ordered here. Be sure to follow the band over on their Facebook page as well.


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