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MAKE Give Republican Politicians a Huge Middle Finger with "Human Garbage"

One of North Carolina's brightest bands has something to say to conservative lawmakers. Check out the premiere of a new track from their impending album!

One of North Carolina's brightest bands has something to say to conservative lawmakers. Check out the premiere of a new track from their impending album!

North Carolinians like myself do not have a whole lot to be proud of lately. The state has become notorious for its HB2 law that prohibits transgender individuals from using the restroom they identify with. North Carolina has also succumbed to a wilting public education system due to funding being cut as well as self-serving senators who have been bought by the NRA and other lobbyist organizations (well, what politician hasn't?). The current governor, Pat McCrory is responsible for a lot of North Carolina's bad national press and has been quite an ignorant imbecile since being elected in 2013.

What North Carolinians can be proud of are some the bands that have risen from the Tarheel State. Notable state alumni include Between the Buried and MeCorrosion of Conformity, and Young and In the Way. Another band growing into prominence from the Triangle area of the state is Chapel Hill's MAKE. The trio, comprised of Scott Endres (vocals/guitar), Spencer Lee (vocals/bass), and Luke Herbst (drums), are releasing a new album on July 15th entitled Pilgrimage of LoathingMAKE play a strong concoction of Doom, Drone, and Post-Metal that can break any listener down into a heap of skeletal rubble. We at Metal Injection were thankful enough to get the opportunity to premiere a new song from the upcoming album called "Human Garbage", which is a direct dig at the fuckery that Governor McCrory has been pulling in North Carolina since he became a politician.

"Human Garbage" is three and a half minutes of caustic lambaste directed at McCrory and other Right-Wing politicians who prevent the advancement of the United States. The track is led by a high-powered riff that soars over the length of the track as harsh vocals, gritty bass, and aggressive drums add textured vitriol to a doom-laden fabric. Members of the band spoke to the track and why they created it. Spencer Lee stated:

"The people at the top of the ivory tower of conservative politics are all but taunting us to fell that tower once and for all.  There's not a single scrap of news or legislation that has emerged from the Right in recent years that falls short of transgression.  This song is about pushing back and finally viewing conservative politicians for what they are: utter filth."

In addition, Scott Endres added his thoughts:

"We wrote and recorded this song about Pat McCrory (and all other career opportunist scumbag politicians across the country) well before he passed HB 2. Literally, every single thing this asshole has done to this state falls on a scale of transgression. It's fucking mind-bending how awful, shameless and destructive this man and the host of GOP shitbags actually are.”

Check out the ripper of a track below and make sure to snag MAKE's Pilgrimage of Loathing when it arrives mid-July. It can be purchased through Accident Prone Records The trio also released a great album last year called The Golden Veil that you can buy on MAKE's Bandcamp page along with their other works. The first two songs from the new record, "The Somnambulist" and "Birthed Into A Grave They Made For You", can also be found here.

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