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RIVER BLACK's (REVOCATION, Ex-BURNT BY THE SUN) "Jaws" Is Groovy Sonic Devastation

You're gonna need bigger speakers.

You're gonna need bigger speakers.

River Black, the band that consists of guitarist John Adubato (ex-Burnt By The Sun), vocalist Mike Olender (ex-Burnt By The Sun, For The Love Of…, Endeavor), bassist Brett Bamberger (Revocation, Publicist UK), and Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Publicist UK, ex-Burnt By The Sun), is back with yet another killer track before its self-titled debut album drops on July 7.

This time around, we get to premiere the band's new song "Jaws," which is a straightforward punch in the teeth that just keeps coming around and around until there's nothing left in your mouth but blood. Of course, vocalist Mike Olender has a great explanation for the song as well.

"Jaws" is about the paternal instinct of human nature. When I started a family I came face to face with certain forces I had not encountered before, rooted in the instinct to protect my family from harm. It was so deep that I found that I had to protect myself from my own emotions. A graphic news story about child abuse or predators could haunt me for days. I saw my sense of compassion and the need to understand why people do terrible things crumble with my acceptance of my own sin – wrath. This song is for the fathers and mothers who give of themselves selflessly to provide for their families, and it is dedicated to the victims of neglect and horrific abuse.

Pre-order River Black here.

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