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SLEEP TOKEN Sweetly Lures And Brutally Bludgeons With "Thread The Needle"

The last minute or so is just… stupid heavy.

The last minute or so is just... stupid heavy.

The first time I heard Sleep Token's "Thread The Needle," I legitimately had no idea where the track was going. The first section is gorgeous all by itself, but in such a way that given a little more writing, it could pass as a pop track on radio. The crashing, distorted chorus came in and gave the song a bit of a new dimension before going back to the calm  cleans… and then the end section hit and I near jumped out of my chair. Seriously, do not turn this song all the way up thinking it's not going to attack, because it will.

Not much is known about Sleep Token. It's members are all anonymous, a full length may or may not be coming soon, and I really couldn't be more excited. Pick up the band's track "Thread The Needle" here for whatever you feel like paying, and keep an eye out for this collective.

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Happening this November.