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SCOTT WEILAND Is Definitely Not On Drugs (Psst, He Probably Is)

He's definitely not sober.

He's definitely not sober.

Scott Weiland, what's going on man? Last week, you were talking about how you haven't touched heroin in a long time, giving off the impression that you're sober, but this video footage from a few nights ago makes it seem otherwise.

Weiland is on tour with his new solo band, The Wildabouts and in Corpus Christi, TX on Tuesday (April 28th), Weiland decided to whip out some classic Stone Temple Pilots songs, since, you know, the rest of Stone Temple Pilots want nothing to do with him. A few seconds into the song, you can clearly tell why STP no longer wanted to tour with Weiland, and instead chose to replace him with Chester Bennington:

Scott Weiland was at one point my favorite frontman, he exuded confidence and swagger. Here, he is barely moving and not-at-all hitting his notes. It sounds like a bad karaoke version of the song.

But I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this is the first time the song is being performed live. I looked through this Youtube channel for more live clips from the night. Here is Scott attempting to perform another STP classic, "Unglued"

At the beginning of the video, you'll note Scott takes off his blazer, has a problem with it so his roadie comes over. Then, Scott decides it's too chilly so he puts the blazer back on. And, he barely moves. Is Scott Weiland on muscle relaxers? No sober human would act like this. And, the music? He just cannot hit the notes.

Scott Weiland, STAHP!

Update: TMZ got in touch with a rep for Weiland who offered the following:

We spoke with Weiland's rep who acknowledges it wasn't Scott's best work — but says it was a "perfect storm" of Scott being tired and having a couple of drinks before the show. The rep says to make things worse, Scott's earpiece went out during the show, making it hard for him to stay on point.

The rep says, "Good news we've overnighted him a brand new pair of earbuds and they will be there for his show in Baton Rouge tonight." 

[Thanks for the tip, Mike C.]

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