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Remember When GWAR Was On The Hot Seat In 1992?

I don't. I was two.

I don't. I was two.

In 1992 I was a whopping two years old, so I did not get to witness this glorious event back when it happened. Fortunately we have the Internet now so I get to not only watch it myself, but show you all how awesome Gwar were even back in their infancy as a band! The band appeared on the show The Hot Seat with host Wally George and it goes exactly as well as you'd expect: dude who doesn't agree with anything Gwar does yells at Gwar and tries to make them see his way, Gwar basically does everything short of pantsing the dude and making him cry on television.

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A-plus, vintage Gwar. A-plus.

[via Dangerous Minds]

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