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Another New PALMS Song, "Future Warrior" Streaming

Supergroup Palms (Deftones, Isis) have yet another song online! At this rate you'll be able to hear the whole damn album before it comes out.

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So apparently BBC Radio 1 aired this song over the weekend and it has made its way onto YouTube, as anything worth anything is wont to do. Go ahead and check out the other single along with the teaser of the record. You'll notice that it all has a very sleepy, sunny feel to it, much like the album art. They didn't choose songs and clips that just happen to have that sound either. That's basically the whole record (trust me). So if you're into the singles and the teaser, you're going to love this. If you're falling asleep on these, then better skip it. I'm still on the fence about the record, personally, and it might take a little bit to really figure it out. It's dense and slow-moving, but it is pretty cool… so y'know, damn and such.

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