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NILE Guitarist Brian Kingsland Unleashes Blackened Raw New Single From IMPERISHABLE

"This album will be more old school and raw."

Everyone knows the Egyptian themed, massive death metal band Nile. Many of you also know newer Nile guitarist and vocalist Brian Kingsland. Kingsland is now leading the charge on his new death metal outfit, Imperishable, and the band is ready to unveil the first taste of new music.

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Imperishable's new single "Exclusion Continuum" isn't just tech death in the vein of Nile. This new track is probably as far from that as it gets. Imperishable is designed using a more raw death metal tone, with a little bit of a blackened tinge to the riffs. It's fast, it hits hard, but if you're looking for tech-death, you're quite far from where you need to be.

Discussing what fans can expect from this new band, Kingsland said: “If you enjoy lots of technical wanky guitar, overly polished production; you won’t enjoy this record. This album will be more old school and raw. Topics lean heavily on self-confidence and strength in one’s beliefs. We shred, but only when it fits the composition. This band is all about the riffs and songwriting.”

"Exclusion Continuum" is the first track to be released off Imperishable's upcoming EP Revelation In Purity, which doesn't have a release date, but surely can't be too far away. If you're into blistering guitars and raw, old school death metal, this track is for you.

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