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IMMORTAL's New Song "Northern Chaos Gods" Is Blindingly Fast, Totally Blackened & Very Good

Posted by on May 11, 2018 at 10:57 am

Immortal released All Shall Fall in September 2009 and then fell silent for quite some time until founding guitarist and vocalist Abbath quit in 2015 to pursue a solo career. Abbath says he felt forced to quit, Immortal accused him of stealing their material and blamed his departure on personal issues, and that was that.

Remaining drummer Horgh, guitarist-turned-vocalist Demonaz, and newly-recruited bassist Peter Tägtgren (HypocrisyPain, ex-Bloodbath) recorded a new album without Abbath (for the first time ever) titled Northern Chaos Gods. Now we can hear what an Abbath-less Immortal sounds like with the album's title track. Frankly, I think "Northern Chaos Gods" bodes incredibly well for the new version of Immortal. It's furious, unapologetic, and completely fucking pissed off black metal that's on par, if not better, than the band's previous material. Prepare yourself.

Northern Chaos Gods is out July 6.

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Update: The Youtube stream seems to be Youtube only. For international fans, try the Spotify link:

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