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HOUR OF PENANCE Shows No Mercy On New Song "Flames Of Merciless Gods"

Posted by on September 10, 2019 at 12:02 pm

Hour Of Penance is about to incinerate your headphones with their new song "Flames Of Merciless Gods", so maybe go get a pair you don't mind losing. Hour Of Penance is streaming the new single alongside a lyric video done by Stefano Mastronicola, which also employs the album art to the new record Misotheism done by Gyula Havancsàk (AcceptAnnihilatorDestructionEnsiferum).

"Flames of Merciless Gods” is a song about a new empire built on the illuministic values of reason and equality, who wages war against the wealthy ones hidden in their ivory towers, worshipping their only god: Money. They are the 'bastard race', because they have no fatherland and no motherland: their loyalty stands to no one but themselves. Their way of life is a blasphemy to everyone who is exploited by the inequalities created by their greed and is starving because of that. They are so afraid to atone for their crimes that they choose to commit mass suicide rather than face justice".

The band recorded drums for the album at Bloom Recording Studio; guitars, bass, and vocals Kick Recording Studio with Marco Mastrobuono who worked on their previous two albums; and mixed and mastered the album at Hertz Studios (BehemothVaderDecapitated).

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