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Here's That HALSEY Song That BRING ME THE HORIZON Co-Wrote For The Harley Quinn Movie

Halsey goes full BMTH

Halsey and Oli Sykes

Did you see Birds of Prey this weekend? Apparently, not too many people did because it had the worst opening of a DC extended universe movie yet. Although, when you look at the numbers – it still made over $33.5 million, which by most metrics would be considered a success, but not with superhero movies.

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I digress – because this weekend, I was listening to the radio amongst non-metalheads, so the pop station was on (don't be a gatekeeper) and a song came on which, to me, sounded exactly like a Bring Me The Horizon song – turns out, it sorta was. It was the Halsey song that they produced.

So here is Halsey's "Experiement on Me" which was co-written by Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish. Not a bad pop tune.

Did you see Birds of Prey?

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