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Check Out FROZEN SOUL, GRAVE INFESTATION & More Covering ENTOMBED's Left Hand Path

Posted by on March 21, 2020 at 10:55 am

CVLT Nation has been doing their CVLT Nation Sessions for a few years now, where artists come together to cover a classic album front to back. This time around they've recruited bands like Frozen Soul, Insineratehymn, and Grave Infestation to cover Entombed's 1990 classic Left Hand Path.

"Left Hand Path" – Cruor Vexillum
"Drowned" – Disburial
"Revel In Flesh" – Muscipula
"When Life Has Ceased" – Whipstriker
"Supposed To Rot" – Neolithic
"But Life Goes On" – Grave Infestation
"Bitter Loss" – Insineratehymn
"Morbid Devourment" – Frozen Soul
"Abnormally Deceased" – Pig's Blood
"The Truth Beyond" – Grinding Fear

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