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Blow Out Your Speakers With SOOTHING's New Song "Moss Remains"

Distortion on top of distortion.

If you need something to absolutely destroy your speakers with today, look no further than Soothing. The band is now streaming their new single "Moss Remains", which according to Soothing "is about dying and then slowly being forgotten as time goes on. when the memory of a person fades that’s when they truly die."

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We're streaming both the single and the Brian McClelland (Fucked And Bound) remix below.

"Brian McClelland (Fucked And Bound) came to mind to remix because he is such a creative and forward thinker," said the band. "His current project Fucked And Bound is incredible but it was his prior work with He Whose Ox Is Gored that made me think of him. Ox was a band that had so many layers and ideas all crafted into one sound.

"A creative mind like that is gonna look at what we do in a interesting way. His remix was perfect and reminds me of the soundtrack music to a John Carpenter film. Dark and heavy but not overly complex. Brian nailed it."

Pre-order Moss Remains + Remixes here before its April 15 release date.

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