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BEASTMAKER Drops Ninth & Tenth EPs Of 2018, Both Of Which Are Doomy Goodness

Posted by on December 18, 2018 at 11:23 am

Beastmaker, the band featuring Haunt mainman Trevor William Church and bassist John Tucker, announced they'd be parting ways with Rise Above Records earlier this year and would be changing up their sound in the future. In order to properly close out this chapter of the band, Beastmaker released eight EPs in quick succession of one another throughout June, aptly titled EP. 1 through EP. 8.

Not to be content with just eight releases this year, Beastmaker has returned with EP. 9 and EP. 10 this month. The band commented upon the release of the latter "It's finally over. Enjoy the horror doom era ladies and gentleman. 40 songs released in 2018!" Read the band's initial statement of intent below, and then stream all 10 EP releases.

News. We've parted ways with Rise Above Records. It was time for us to take on a new adventure. We want to thank Lee and Scott for all they've done for Beastmaker. We will be releasing a string of EP's for $1 on bandcamp over the next months. We decided that with a new label we wanted to bring something new and fresh to the table. We have a plethora of unused songs just sitting on hard drive for everyone to hear. We are thrilled to announce we've teamed up with Shadow Kingdom Records that also is the home of our other band Haunt. We won't have anything out till 2019. We also will have a visual overhaul. Horror Doom era is over. We think everyone will be pleased with our new direction. Also, with the new we are bringing in a second guitarist. There are no plans for any official releases of the EP's. We want to keep it simple and just release the old stuff as we get to clean up the sessions and make it listenable to the public.

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