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New KORN Song, "Take Me" Is A Bouncy Nu-Metal Jam

Big ol' 90s Korn riffs in the new Korn song, "Take Me"

Big ol' 90s Korn riffs in the new Korn song, "Take Me"

Korn will be releasing The Serenity Of Suffering on October 21 and it seems like the album is going to live up to expectations. The tracks we've heard so far have been gloriously old school, and one of 'em even got Corey Taylor into the mix for maximum 1999-ness.

Now the band has dropped its new song "Take Me," which is arguably the best song from the album yet. The riffs are oh-so nu-metal, but there's almost no way you can avoid at least bobbing your head to them.The chorus isn't half bad, but I think the real star of the track are the guitars this time around. Who knew we'd be saying that about Korn in 2016?

[via The Wall Street Journal, oddly enough]

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