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New AMON AMARTH Song Will Make You Grow A Beard And Fight Stuff

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 10:41 am

Ever wanted to just rip your shirt off and fight some gods? Well, we're all too human for that crap. The closest we're going to get it new Amon Amarth track.

Enough with the descriptions and on to the song, right? Amon Amarth are streaming the title track off their new record, Deceiver of the Gods via the player above, and if you're enough of a fan of the track, you can snag it for the low price of free.

It's a really well done track and you'd have to be deaf to dislike it. The one quality that really stands out to be is that it doesn't sound like Amon Amarth are just repeating the living hell out of themselves again. Their last record took some steps in a lot of different directions, and it sounds like this one is going to do the same. It's a heavier sound, if only for the vocals… there's just something absolutely thunderous about them.

Maybe Johan Hegg finally completed his transformation into Thor and has thus replaced his voice with actual thunder, but we're all too wrapped up in believing it's Hegg to notice.

Amon Amarth's Deceiver of the Gods comes out this summer on Metal Blade Records. The band will be playing this summer's Mayhem Festival.

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