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MUMAKIL Take A Wrong Turn In New Lyric Video

Is it possible to have a fun and catchy grind song? Because Mumakil nailed that with their new tune "Wrong Turn."

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This song was confusing on a few levels for me. First of all, I kind of wanted to punch everyone in the face while listening, but I also just wanted to windmill (fun fact- I'm bald) at the same time because it was just too groovy. Then when I decided to just windmill my bald skull around while punching everyone in the face, the song was over. What the hell? That was awesome; where's the repeat button. Second of all, those riffs are just unfair in terms of being technically catchy as all hell. Listen up everyone! Get out your note pad and start figuring out what the hell Mumakil just did in terms of writing this song, because it's simply too good. You should pre-order that shit.

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