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Monday Wake Up Call

DEADWATER DROWNING are heavy as fuck!

225God bless the inventor of the "Shuffle" button on music players. Late last week, I was having the shittiest day, and had my music on random and Deadwater Drowning's "Bliss From a Dead Embrace" came on and I was reminded of how much this band kicked fucking ass.

Bread out of the early 2000's Massachusetts metalcore scene, these guys basically the blueprint for every current deathcore band out today. The only release the band has is a 2004 self-titled EP, and it is 21 minutes of sheer relentlessness. Some familiar names fills the ranks: the infamous Nate Johnson handling vocal duties (who went onto play with THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD and PREMONITIONS OF WAR) and on guitar Johnny Fay (of THE RED CHORD fame) and Seth Coleman (who then joined THE ACACIA STRAIN). Sometimes it's the bands that only release one blip of music that get the most notoriety because they never had a chance to fuck it up. This is definitely one of those bands. If you enjoy heavy music, I urge you to pick up their self titled EP. This track will surely convince you:

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