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Mega A/V Roundup: New music from Manowar, Family, Behold…The Arctopus, Hivesmasher, Anaal Nathrakh; Old Veil of Maya Demos and more

In today's STACKED A/V Roundup, we have new music from Manowar, Family, Behold…The Arctopus, Hivesmasher, Anaal Nathrakh and Satan's Wrath. We also have an old demo from Veil of Maya and Vanna doing a terrible rendition of a classic Nine Inch Nails song. Let's begin:

What better way to lead off an A/V roundup than with the masters of heavy metal themselves, Manowar. The band released a teaser for a new track, The Lord Of Steel, which is the title track of their new album, out September 28th. What's the song about? Listening to heavy metal! What else?

If you like bands like Baroness and Mastodon, you should check out the rockers in Brooklyn's FAMILY. Check out their track debut at Decibel.

Veil of Maya have uploaded their 2005 demo for free streaming. My, how a band's sound can evolve in seven years. This is really interesting to hear for VoM fans:

Behold! Behold…The Arctopus is back. That's a lot of behelding. That's not a word. But the band is back and set to release their new album, Horrorscension, on October 23rd via Black Market Activities. If spazz-grind is your bag, then you will love this. Check out their new track and pre-order their album here.

Also coming out on Oct. 23rd from Black Market Activities is a new grind band, Hivesmasher who will be putting out the album Gutter Choir. Check out a killer new track from the band over at Lambgoat.

Whoa! The new Anaal Nathrakh sample will tear your ear a new asshole, and then rape that newly formed asshole. Their album Vanitas comes out November 6th on Candlelight, and you can hear a teaser above.

Speaking of evil metal, there is a new Satan's Wrath track is streaming at Decibel.

For some reason, Vanna decided to cover Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug" doing a disservice to ears everywhere.

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