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LAST CHANCE TO REASON Streaming Level 3 In Full!

Posted by on July 26, 2013 at 11:18 am

Last Chance To Reason's Level 3 might be coming out on August 6, but you can jam the whole record on their Bandcamp right now!

Level 3 will be out on August 6, and while you can pre-order the album digitally on their Bandcamp, you can also stream the whole thing! You can also pre-order the record on a bunch of different vinyls and get some shirts and shorts too if that's your thing. Levcl 3 is pretty much a more guitar-focused Level 2 that takes the band away from the super-proggy technicality-type sound and moves them to a much more focused, heavy tone that really fills out nicely. Plus, if you're a fan of Last Chance to Reason, remember vocalist Michael Lessard will be pulling double duty with The Contortionist as well! Hooray!

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