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KEVIN HUFNAGEL (GORGUTS, DYSHYTHMIA) Just Released A Hypnotic, Experimental Solo Album

It's kind of jazzy… and electronica and terrifying and buzzy.

It's kind of jazzy... and electronica and terrifying and buzzy.

Kevin Hufnagel plays guitar in bands like Gorguts and Dysrhythmia, hardly groups that abide by conventional song structure and generally being really far out there. With a resume like that, you'd assume that Hufnagel couldn't possibly take extreme metal in a stranger direction… so he doesn't. He takes a whole slew of electronic noises, guitars and essentially everything else within arm's reach and tosses it into a bowl.

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The result is Kleines Biest. At time the album treads a little closer to the death metal you've come to know and love, but mainly it sticks to a very Hufnagel-specific sound. It's a very concentrated listen too- don't think you're putting this on and then not paying attention.

Thanks MetalSucks!

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