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It's Time For the 2013 INSANE CLOWN POSSE Gathering of the Juggalos Commercial

Ever since 2009, there have been incredible infomercial productions created for the Gathering of the Juggalos, the annual Insane Clown Posse summer event that takes over a small town in Illinois and basically becomes a haven for drugs and sex.

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The Gathering has become such a cultural phenomenon that there was even a short mini-doc created about it. Now, it's time for this year's infomercial. So grab the popcorn, and hit the play button: 

This year's show features two acts that might be of interest to metalheads, Soulfly and Sevendust. Soulfly are no strangers to the Gathering, playing it last year and even saying it was an honor to play the fest. Meanwhile, this was the type of turnout for another metal band playing the Gathering last year, Fear Factory, and it wasn't pretty. There will also be TWO Guns N Roses cover bands battling it out to see who is the ultimate imitation of Guns N Roses.

Overall, I'd have to say this is the weakest Gathering commercial yet in terms of entertainment value. There were no ironic laughs, no silly skits, just a straight up roll-call of artists with mentions of "slick chicks oil wrestling" and the ever-popular Miss Juggalette contest.

Has anybody reading this ever went to the Gathering? If so, share your thoughts!

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