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It's The KORN Reunion Nobody's Been Waiting For

Brian "Head" Welch left Korn seven years ago, due to the life on the road having a negative affect on his personal life, and causing him to turn to drugs. In that time, he found God, started a new band and basically became completely forgettable. Meanwhile, Korn have managed to stay very much in the public eye, most recently releasing a dubstep infused album that sold pretty well. In the interim, Welch and bassist Fieldy started talking again, and with everybody else in the band cleaning up, it was just a matter of time before Head rejoined his bandmates. That day was this past Saturday, May 5th.Welch joined his band members onstage for a rendition of their song "Blind" and it looks like he didn't miss a beat. Could this be the start of a beautiful reunion? I doubt it. Welch has his own thing going with his band. At best, I can see Korn inviting his new band, Love And Death on tour so they can do an encore together. Does this news excite you? [via Metal Insider]

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