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IN SEARCH OF SUN Has A Funky New Song With A Soaring Chorus

I found the sun. It's in this song.

I found the sun. It's in this song.

In Search Of Sun is a progressive rock-slash-metal from the United Kingdom and you absolutely need to have these guys in your rotation today! The band dropped a new song, exclusively through us, called "Elevation" and it's just too damn catchy. I love that despite the fact that the chorus is so damn huge and catchy, the verses don't come off like a weak vehicle just to convey that. Instead, everything in this jam seems to be incredibly well thought out and executed!

The band has this positive message for you about the song.

"Besides being based on a particular personal experience, this song has one simple message : "Get up and live!"

No matter what knocks you down, it's crucial that you don't let it consume you. Every ounce of hurt you have weighing you down needs to be used as THE catalyst of your success. Life is way too short to be consumed by fear, so instead, use it to carve out the path to the top! Make the most of life, don't let life make the most of you. Elevate yourself."

So get out there and enjoy the day, and more importantly be you! Don't forget to pick up the single digitally here!

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