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I PREVAIL's Vocalist Tells Their Drummer Fun Facts Between Songs

Did you know the founder of Atari is also the creator of Chuck E. Cheese?


You might assume that I Prevail vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe is discussing something show-related with drummer Gabe Helguera between songs. Nope! Vanlerberghe is actually offering Helguera some very important fun facts, as you'll see in the video below. Some facts include:

  • Most American car horns are in the key of F
  • Every human has spent at least half an hour as a single cell
  • A skunk can be smelled from over a mile away
  • The founder of Atari is also the creator of Chuck E. Cheese
  • Elephants are the only mammal with four knees

Now you know! Helguera also commented on the video, letting everyone know "I literally never have any idea what he's saying…" So I guess both the band's fans and Helguera are all learning these fun facts right now.

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