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It's Wednesday, which means the week is half over (and there's a Livecast tonight!). There are plenty of good tunes to get you through today, so let's begin the roundup:

GWWWAAARRRRR have finally released their new album Bloody Pit or Horror and because they love all the scumdogs of the universe so much they have made the entire thing available for free streaming all week on AOL Music, head over to have Oderus excrete aural jizz into your ears.

For all you grind fans: I highly suggest you sample the new Phobia track "Mental State" now streaming on Youtube. It's in and out in 0:52 seconds leaving you asking yourself "What the fuck did I just hear?"

I'm always for blurring the lines of metal when it's done in a creative way, and I believe iwrestledabearonce have achieved this feat. They have released a free dubstep remix album titled It's All Dubstep on their Facebook page. You can stream it and if you insist on downloading it, all you have to do is "like" the band. I'm listening to it right now, and it's pretty fun, if you're into that drum & bass sort of thing. Those looking for brutal vocals and crazy blasts need read the next entry.

Ahh, hello there searchers of blasts and brutal vocals. May I highly recommend checking out this new Ulcerate mp3 of the track "Dead Oceans" courtesy of Willowtip Records. This is my kind of death metal. As Frank pointed out in an earlier post, Willowtip is one of those labels that put out quality bands at every turn, and Ulcerate is definitely on that list. The band will release The Destroyers Of All on January 25th.

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