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Here Are The Best Thrash Songs From 1983 To Present Day According To Metal Hammer

Posted by on August 1, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Metal Hammer has been running editorials throughout 2018 looking at the 10 best thrash songs from certain decades. The PRP has now compiled them into one completely comprehensive list, which you can find below. I'd say for the most part Metal Hammer nails it, but I feel like they stick a little too close to the classics in the 2000 – 2018 portion.

No Revocation? No Havok? No Vektor? I'm sure I'm missing a ton, but those three right off the bat are obvious misses to me. So what do you think? Is Metal Hammer on the mark or did they screw this one up completely?

‘The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1983-85‘:

Metallica – “Metal Militia”
Suicidal Tendencies – “I Saw Your Mommy”
Anthrax – “Metal Thrashing Mad”
Slayer – “Chemical Warfare”
Destruction – “Mad Butcher”
Exodus – “Bonded By Blood”
Kreator – “Tormentor”
Overkill – “Rotten To The Core”
Celtic Frost – “Circle Of The Tyrants”
Megadeth – “Rattlehead”

‘The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1986-89‘:

Metallica – “Battery”
Megadeth – “Black Friday”
Slayer – “Angel Of Death”
Kreator – “Pleasure To Kill”
Anthrax – “Caught In A Mosh”
Testament – “Over The Wall”
Sodom – “Nuclear Winter”
Voivod – “Macrosolutions To Megaproblems”
Xentrix – “No Compromise”
Sepultura – “Mass Hypnosis”

‘The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 1990-99‘:

Megadeth – “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”
Slayer – “War Ensemble”
Kreator – “People Of The Lie”
Heathen – “Hypnotized”
Pantera – “Fucking Hostile”
Sodom – “The Crippler”
Machine Head – “Blood For Blood”
Witchery – “The Reaper”
The Haunted – “Hate Song”
Testament – “Down For Life”

‘The 10 Best Thrash Songs From 2000-18‘:

Destruction – “The Butcher Strikes Back”
Kreator – “Reconquering The Throne”
Exodus – “Star Spangled Banner”
Aura Noir – “Condor”
Municipal Waste – “Unleash The Bastards”
Slayer – “Cult”
Evile – “Thrasher”
Megadeth – “Head Crusher”
Overkill – “Ironbound”
Metallica – “Spit Out The Bone“

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