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GWAR's New Song Is Like Taking A "Bloodbath"

I am so, so, so excited for the GWARBQ this Saturday at Hadad's Lake water park in Richmond, VA, I can barely contain myself. To help build anticipation even more, GWAR have just released a new catchy-as-fuck track called "Bloodbath." Take a listen:

The stream comes courtesy of Noisey who also interviewed front-thing Oderus Urungus about the event and their new beer brew. Oderus also reveals the concept for the band's upcoming album, Battle Maximus:

Well, this year we faced not only the challenge of working in a new band member but also telling, as I said, the next level of the Gwar epic. And surprisingly, this time the threat came from the future—a creature from the future called Mr. Perfect. I don’t know if we can use that, there was a wrestler called that already. But apparently, the story goes that sometime in the future, the near future, an apocalypse rips apart this planet and burns off about the first 50 meters of the topsoil. Now, there’s two types of humans that survive this holocaust: One, the privileged elites who are in there air-conditioned bomb shelters gobbling stem cells and fucking each other, and then there are the workers that just happen to be in mines, or maybe they were spelunking, or they were working at the Wal-Mart underground warehouse, I don’t know—they return to the surface world and reclaim the planet while below, the Perfects, over a course of 500 years, turn into these hideous fucking creatures. So basically, the only thing Mr. Perfect lacked was the secret of immortality. So he creates this hideous machine, travels back in time with the mission of cutting off my balls because that is the biggest concentration of jizzmoglobin in the universe, which is, of course, the very stuff of life. So we told this story as well, and just plunged into it. And we set the number at 16, was how many songs we were gonna write. We didn’t put ‘em all on the record. And at this point, the answer to this question has become so long-winded, I can’t even really remember what the question was.

It's a great interview worth reading. In related news, I'd like to share the message I recieved from GWAR's publicist in relation to Oderus' interview scheduling this weekend:

Good morning,
Just a quick note to let you know that the master and Alien Overlord Oderus Urungus will be conducting interviews for the human scum media this Saturday at the GWAR-B-Q. Oderus will speak beginning at 3:15. Get in touch if you would like to kneel before your master and speak about the GWAR-B-Q and the new GWAR album "Battle Maximus"

Basically, the best interview request ever!

GWAR release Battle Maximus on Sept. 17th through Metal Blade Records.

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