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Guitarist Jake E. Lee Debuts His New Project RED DRAGON CARTEL

For those unaware, Jake E. Lee was the guitarist on Ozzy's Bark at the Moon record and a bunch of other stuff that wasn't quite as good as Bark at the Moon. In his defense, it's one hell of a record to live up to. Can Lee's new project Red Dragon Cartel finally measure up to his previous work?

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Nope. Not by a long shot.

You know when you're walking around Wal-Mart and you feel something that looks silky, but it's all thin and gross? This song is like that. It looks shiny and all, but it just feels cheap. MetalSucks described it as a crappy song at the end of a movie that you catch as you're headed out the door to go home (and bitch about it on the Internet or something). It's not like the song is arranged poorly or that the riffs and playing are bad. It's just a really generic song that I feel like I've heard X-thousand times before. Once this is over I'm definitely going to forget it, just like the end of crappy movies I've walked out on. If you're still interested (or reading and don't hate me for showing you this), Red Dragon Cartel's self-titled debut comes out January 28 and has Cheap Trick's Robin Zander on vocals. Hooray.

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