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Get Your Melo-Death On With NIGHTRAGE's New Song "By Darkness Drawn"

New album in March.

New album in March.

2019 is already shaping up to be a pretty solid year and Nightrage is only contributing to that. The band has announced their new record Wolf To Man for release on March 29, which will be the first to feature new bassist Francisco Escalona (Always War) and drummer Dino George Stamoglou (Astray). The band just released the debut single "By Darkness Drawn" in all its melodic death metal glory, though the band makes sure to add that the track is definitely a "kick-ass thrasher."

"With 'By Darkness Drawn', we wanted to combine our trademark Nightrage guitar melodies with a straightforward thrash metal drive clashing straight into groovy-yet-hooking chorus. A straightforward Nightrage song, so to say. And that is what we think 'By Darkness Drawn' is! A kick-ass thrasher!

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"The lyrics for this song pretty much sum up the concept and theme of the album and it handles the fact we are all doomed and we know it. Unable to learn from our mistakes, we are all now standing at the edge of our abyss, paralyzed by fear of our inevitable leap towards our own extinction.

"The lyrics on the previous album was all about our journey towards our end. This song is about being there right now, and just having to accept that as a fact."

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